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よあけの焚き火サウンドトラックCD 初回限定盤
2020.1/6 より Lifework Records On Line Store での販売を開始いたしました。
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Bonfire at Dawn  Soundtrack
Manabu Sakata


Track Listing

1. Bell

2. Highway

3. Snow

4. Fog

5. Mother’s Piano

6. Voice

7. Snowfield

8. Sakiko

9. Into the Forest

10. Great Tree

11. Bonfire

12. The Setting Sun

13. Afterglow

14. Bonfire at Dawn

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Music by Manabu Sakata

Manabu Sakata: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonium, Fender Rhodes, Bells,

Synth Bass and Drums

Akira Sakata: Clarinet(13, 14)
Momoko Sakata: Violin(13, 14)

Recorded & Mixed by Yoshikazu Sasahara at Studio TLive

on 2 and 5 September, 2018
Except M6 Recorded & Mixed by Manabu Sakata at IN MY ROOM STUDIO

on 17 August and 6 September, 2018
Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama at WPM studio on 12 September, 2019

Cover Photo by Kentaro Kumon

A Film by Koichi Doi
A Film “ Bonfire at Dawn” Official Website

Manabu Sakata Official Website


News(Update 2020.1/6)

よあけの焚き火サウンドトラックCD 初回限定盤

Lifework Records On Line Store での販売を開始いたしました。

オンラインストアURL →

ライブ会場とLifework Records On Line Storeのみでの販売になります。

■定価 ¥1,819 + 税

Manabu Sakata;
A drummer, musician,
Born in Japan in 1973.
Akira Sakata, a sax player, is his father.
Manabu Sakata learned to play the piano as a child and began playing drums at 10-years-old.
In 1993, he went to Musicians Institute in US.
After graduation, he became a professional drummer in Japan.
His eclectic performance style includes everything from pop music to free jazz.
After joining several bands, including Piranhans and Polaris, he began his solo project in 2004, using drums and various instruments.
In 2005, he released three solo instrumental albums.
In 2006, he played music at play and fashion show.
In 2017, he released the album, “Ki-No-Oku,” revealing his singer-songwriter side.
He created his first soundtrack, in 2019, for the film “Bonfire at Dawn.”

A Film " Bonfire at Dawn"
Written, Editted and Directed by Koichi Doi
Cast: Motonari Okura, Yasunari Okura, Raiji Kamata, Akira Sakata

Nominated for the New Directors section of the 67th Sun Sebastian International Film Festival.

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